Mugi Comment:

This month I’m focusing on my writing group’s recently released anthology, 18. In addition to the interviews I’m doing with some of the collection’s authors, I’m also sharing my thoughts about the individual works and writers in the manuscript.

18/20: S. Elliot Brandis

Have you ever met a word wizard? Someone who makes you go, “Wait, what? How did he do that?” I’ve read word wizards before. Even sentence conjurers, but I’ve never met one. I thought they lived on mountains and wrote with quills.

So when S. Elliot Brandis showed up, in a cloud of smoke, at our writers group, I did what all jaded hobbyist authors do: critiqued his work. I told him how it was. Yes, it might’ve been magical and all, but those semi-colon twirls only work on the weak-willed.

He took it like a professional, and then improved. I don’t know how, but he did. Every submission got better and better until… well, until 18/20.

Here’s a story about a woman in a desperate situation that has enough world building to make William Gibson proud. It starts out bleak and with so much tension you need sharp blades to cut through the trepidation; then it just ramps that suspense up. There’s technology, deathly negotiations and high stakes all with Eila squarely in the middle. Will she make it? Will she falter at the last?

But you don’t need me to tell how power-packed the first story of our anthology is, you can find out for yourself. 18 is available on Amazon. It’s free on Kindle Select days, but why wait? Get it now for 99 cents and admire a word wizard at work.


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