Church Goers

‘Kuuu,’ went Kent’s door straight into the wall. He tried not to notice, he tried to play it cool like his counsellor told him to. This time he succeeded.

“Mum’s waiting for you,” Leah said in her I’m-trying-to-command-you tone. “You’re keeping us.”

“I’m not going,” he replied as he pushed the green ‘A’ button on his Xbox controller. The game’s protagonist avoided impaling herself on a spike for the sixth time and continued down the software’s digital river.

“Yes you are. You promised.” Leah’s high heels clicked against the floor as she walked in front of him. “You can’t let me go alone, again.” She bent down, and tried to stare into into his eyes. “You promised.”

“I lied.” Another button push; then a third. A desperate stick waggle. Death. His focus drifted back to his sister. “Mum’s letting you go in that?”


Kent shook his head and pushed the start button to continue. “I’m not going. Have fun with John.”

Leah yanked the controller out of his hands and stood up. “I’m not with John. Not anymore. You know what he did.”

Kent’s eyes shifted back and forwards with the controller, he hoped the medication would keep his brain scrambled for the next few hours but he could feel its effects fading. “I know you had an abortion.”

Anger flickered across his sister’s face. “You looked again? You Gulwump.”

“So? I’m full of holes. Spiritual ones, moral ones, mental ones. Even the psych says it.” Leah hesitated and so Kent continued, “I’ll tell. About both.”

The controller dropped on to the wooden floor with a clunk. “That’s why you should come to church,” she replied bitterly as she kicked him twice. He didn’t move, he just picked the gamepad up and returned to his previous position.

“You’ve got to do this Lara,” a deep male voice boomed out of the hologram projector. “You can’t save him no more.”

“Fine,” Leah stated in a huff. “Be a Gulwump, but you’ll be sorry when they try to exorcise you. They’ll give you the burns.”

Kent didn’t reply because he couldn’t. The medicine had started to fade and he could hear their screams. He could see their future, read her mind and knew that there was only fire waiting for them no matter what choice he made. Fire and singed flesh.


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