Empty Suns

The sun went dark. A kind of dirty gold dark, one that’s beautiful and sad all in the same glance. One which made the street sparkle and allow people to see multi-coloured spectrum waves ripple off metallic objects.

When John saw it, he was sitting in his electric car. It was a top of the line Toyota with synthetic zebra skin interior, thought-activated controls and a Kinect monitor installed. For ten years he’d dreamed of owning one, 120 months of scrimping and saving so he could lean back and have a cold drink of Champagne as his favourite movie streamed onto the car’s plexi-glass windows.

He watched, from inside the circular metal bubble he loved, as the world stood transfixed at the sight. As everyone on Main Street grappled with what they were seeing, coming to terms with their new reality. John could’ve been just like them, admiring the new world. Finally understanding how small he was in the grand scheme of things, but he didn’t. Instead, John thought, Shit, I’m going to be fired.


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