It’s Time for Your Stubble to Man Up

Mugi Comment: 

This month I’m focusing on my writing group’s recently released anthology, 18. In addition to the interviews I’m doing with some of the collection’s authors, I’m also sharing my thoughts about the individual works and writers in the manuscript.

How to Grow a Beard: Meghann Laverick

Meghann knows things. She knows grammar, she knows how amazing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is, and she knows how to make people laugh. And laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

So when she put together this little tale about a magician’s apprentice failing at growing a beard, I thought I was ready. I thought I knew how funny Meghann was. I mean, I saw her monthly and we bantered until our sides hurt.

I did not expect spittle to fly out of my mouth because I was laughing so much. I did not expect to grab my wife the moment she got home from work and force her to listen to the story. These things were unknowable. You know what else occurred? Meghann stopped, at that moment, from being ‘Writing Group Bantering Partner’ to simply being ‘The Legend’.

Out of all the stories in 18, this is the one I’m not sure if you’re ready for. I don’t know if you have enough stomach muscles to get you through the narrative. But, if you’re up to date with your crunches, it’s available. You can snatch it up on Amazon. Hell, we’ve even made it free when we can (although Amazon does love that price cap of 99 cents).

So, are you certain? Are you truly prepared to join with me in calling Meghann ‘The Legend’?


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