Frequently Asked Questions

I found a typo / missing word / grammar mistake in your work. Don’t you think you should hire an editor? Are you one of those editor haters?

The truth is, I’d love to hire an editor. I believe good editors are an extremely important part of the writing eco system and assist creators with quality control and pointing out issues that we might have missed otherwise.

Unfortunately, they also cost a significant amount of money. Money I simply don’t have. My wonderful journey partner is incredibly generous with the time she allows me to work on this part of my life, however, the cost-to-benefit ratio for contracting an editor at the moment isn’t practical for us.

I understand your frustration and am just as annoyed when I discover a typo / missing word in my work. All my novels / posts have been read and re-read countless times before they slide onto the internet, yet I’m still working on my self-editing skills.

Please feel free to let know about any errors / omissions / thoughts you have about the work by emailing me direct at kenneth(dot)mugi(at)gmail(dot)com.

I bought your book on Amazon and despise it because of the green-haired woman on page 172. Can I get a refund from you directly?

Sorry to hear that you don’t like women with green hair. Unfortunately, I can’t give or process refunds myself. All books are sold through Amazon and they have a reasonable returns policy that meets the statutory requirements for every country they operate in. If you are unable to get one through them, I sympathise, but cannot assist.

I’ve read one of your book reviews / interviews and would like to be interviewed / have my book reviewed / guest post on your site, how do I get in touch?

As a rule of thumb, I’m quite time poor. I’m currently studying a second language, writing my own novels and working full time as an English instructor. In saying that, I’m very keen to support indie authors who are working to build their brand and career. I make no promises that I’ll be able to accomodate your requests, but if you flick me an email at kenneth(dot)mugi(at)gmail(dot)com I’ll see what I can do.


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