The Cogs Spin, They Always Spin

Mugi Comment:

This month I’m focusing on my writing group’s recently released anthology, 18. In addition to the interviews I’m doing with some of the collection’s authors, I’m also sharing my thoughts about the individual works and writers in the manuscript.

Nightfall: Kirstie Olley

I think people in the know say Kirstie Olley does Fairytale Punk. She takes those ideas you hold precious, spikes them and forces you to rethink about everything you’ve ever believed. It’s supposed to hurt, but when you’re deep in her fantasylands where the skies are pretty and the imagination is soaring, it’s difficult to feel the cuts to your psyche.

I guess that’s why she was a finalist for the Aurealis Awards and went to some swanky dinner with all the people I’ve always wanted to meet. What can I say? She rocks the English in a rad way?

Nightfall is no different. It’s about Marrielle who’s torn between the love of her family and her love of science and logic. Should she ignore what she knows and watch the end come? Or should she leave everything behind to save them?

It’s these types of questions that make people sit up and listen. And it’s Kirstie’s way with words that holds you to the bitter (or sweet) ending.

So, what are you waiting for? A hyperlink? Nightfall can be found on Amazon. It’s kind of free (during the right time periods), but you can definitely, absolutely, download it for the bargain price of 99 cents. And, let’s be truthful between ourselves, how insignificant a sum is that when you’re finding out how the world ends?


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