Singing Makes You Crazy

Mugi Comment:

This month I’m focusing on my writing group’s recently released anthology, 18. In addition to the interviews I’m doing with some of the collection’s authors, I’m also sharing my thoughts about the individual works and writers in the manuscript.

XVIII:Crazy He Calls Me: S. Walsh

S. Walsh writes with power and constructs sentences that hit you so hard in the literary gut it’s impossible to turn away. Also, they kind of write in my genre: noir.

Desperate guy trying to get out of a terrible situation? Checking that box. Femme fatale who possess a touch of magic? Slotted into the narrative. Deeds so horrendous you only tell your grandmother when she’s drunk? Punched that ticket.

I’ve read it six times, and I still love it. Even though I know the ending, I still cringe when everything goes south (because it has to) and the world burns like wildfire.

You know what though, don’t trust me. What do I really understand? I’m just a blogger on the Internet. Find out for yourself. After all, 18’s available in the convenient location: Amazon. It’s free when the demons aren’t trying to rule the world (5 days a month, apparently) but otherwise you can snag a ripper of a yarn for 99 cents.

So let’s go, it’s karoke night and I hear they’re playing your song.


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