The Tunnel Goes Somewhere

Mugi Comment:

This month I’m focusing on my writing group’s recently released anthology, 18. In addition to the interviews I’m doing with some of the collection’s authors, I’m also sharing my thoughts about the individual works and writers in the manuscript.

18 Barr St: Christopher Kneipp

This is a story I’m reluctant to talk about. I’m reluctant only because it’s that good, it’s so good you should really experience it without being told anything at all. Nothing, not even that it exists.

OK, maybe that’s not true. You probably do need to know it’s out there, and that it’s an excellent tale involving an Ouija board. However, that’s all. Nothing else.

I will say Christopher makes each of his words count, like a pro, and shows all those hopeful writers how to pull readers along for the ride. That’s what he does and that’s why it caps off our anthology.

Well…go download it? Go download all of them? They’re available on Amazon. They’re free when we can make them (99 cents otherwise) and they take you on journeys you’ll remember forever. Especially this one, which you will recall every time your friend asks about doing a séance.

Fine, I’ll give you hint: don’t agree to the séance. Even if they’re really attractive. Just…don’t.

That’s all.


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